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Secrets to an Abundant Life

Tried everything?

Still not getting your business or career off the ground the way you’d like? Are you having lots of ups and downs rather than a steady progressive growth? Are money worries keeping you awake? Is there just not enough to go around?

Coaching Vision

Or, maybe you are making plenty of money but it just keeps slipping away from you.

Perhaps you are having unconscious self-limiting beliefs or limiting decisions about attracting and keeping abundance in your life?

Examples might be:

"I don’t deserve to have plenty,"

●  "If I get it, I’ll just lose it,"

●  "If I get rich, nobody will like me,"

●  "Making lots of money is for others, not for the likes of me,"

●  "I’m not good enough,"

●  "Money is the root of all evil,"

●  "My family didn’t have money, so I can’t either,"

●  "I’m just a born loser,"

●  "Having lots of money is too much responsibility,"

●  "Money is dirty,"

●  "I don’t want to be filthy rich," etc.

●  "Rich people are rude and snobs and I don't want to be like them."

Nearly everyone has fears or anxieties about money, regardless of how much we have. These worries can hold us back, and keep us from having all that we want.

Even Howard Hughes, the multi-billion dollar entrepreneur was thought to experience extreme anxiety around cash money, believing it to be "dirty." 

We are born with an abundance consciousness. As infants, we expect to be fed until we are full, held lots, kept dry, protected, played with and so on.

As we grow, we have learning experiences which often teach us that, for whatever reason, it isn’t okay to have all our desires met.

For example, the naughty child who is disciplined by being told he or she doesn't deserve to have their allowance may grow up believing they are "undeserving of money."

Most people experience abundance about 40% of the time. How would you like to increase your abundance to 90% of the time?

There is enough prosperity and abundance on this planet for every man, woman and child. Prosperity and abundance is everywhere and it is our divine birthright that each of us have fulfillment.

Getting in the Flow is Simple and Easy

If we are not having everything we want, then we owe it to ourselves and loved ones to clear away any old negative blocks or unwanted beliefs.

These are what slow down the flow of Balance and Abundance in Mind and Body Health, Wealth, Prosperity and Spirituality in our lives.

This can be accomplished through a quick, easy and simple one-on-one or group facilitated process. Here are some of the techniques I use.

Guided imagery, quantum physics, methods from ancient shamanic mysteries, autonomic nervous system release work, ideomotor signaling, work sheets and the power of the mind are combined in a powerful, result-oriented way.

You can be led through a rapid clearing of the emotional blocks that have been sabotaging your creative flow. Some examples of Balance and Abundance in Mind and Body Health, Wealth, Prosperity and Spirituality are:

●  have greater success in your business;

●  enjoy unsolicited compliments and help;

●  have greater depth in your relationships;

●  experience more creative insights and better intuition;

●  be more organized and motivated;

●  achieve better health;

●  be more alert to favorable opportunities and choices;

●  find better deals when shopping;

●  receive unexpected bonuses;

●  experience a deeper connection with your spiritual nature;

●  have more money and feelings of financial security;

●  discover more time for pleasurable activities;

●  be relaxed and anxiety-free around money;

●  feel more in control of your spending and finances;

●  delight in everything just falling into place, most of the time!

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According to the National Institute of Mental Health, psychotherapy only has a 20% success rate.

I have a 97% success rate, and over 37 years experience.

I honor and respect your race, religion, culture, and way of life including senior citizens and those with disabilities.

I also welcome adults in consensual, sane and safe, alternative sexual and other creative lifestyle choices.



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I clearly remember working with Dr. Ruth on money issues. After our session,  unexpected "gifts" began happening, such as a friend repaying me for a loan, and my sister buying me a plane ticket for Christmas.

Following that, freelance work, which brought me additional income, started flowing my way. I was now able to satisfy my creditors.

My money anxiety has disappeared and I now allow money to flow through me instead of trying to horde it.

I give to my church regularly; I treat my friends to dinner on occasion, and I enjoy my money more now than I used to. --B.D.


It was hard to believe how effective Dr. Ruth’s "financial abundance" work was for me.

When I went in to see her, I had been sick, unable to work and make money, and facing financial hardship as a single mom; I literally felt stuck in all areas of my life.

After my work with her–which was more like just relaxing than work–to release blocks to abundance, I had some remarkable manifestations.

First of all, some checks came in from clients who owed me money, then my neighbors asked me to host a neighborhood dinner; they bought all the food for it, and left my son and I with enough food to eat for a week!

I had been in the process of trying to refinance my mortgage and was staring at stacks of papers to fill out and costs of appraisals, etc.

I opened up my latest mortgage bill to find that my adjustable rate mortgage had just been reduced to the interest rate I was trying to refinance for, without my doing one thing!

I was so grateful that I started to share my newfound sense of wealth by taking a friend from church and her son out to dinner last night. Thanks again, Dr. Ruth, for your help. –S.D.