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Create Sacred Space for Your Phone Sessions


Set-up for Privacy
What kind of phone should you use?
Why hands-free?
Sit up or lie down?
Have handy...
- Polarity Reversal (PR) is when...
Creating Your Personal environment

There are special benefits to creating your own "sacred space" for your  phone sessions.

Instead of being subjected to someone else’s idea of comfort when meeting with your Life Coach & Alternative/Holistic Counselor in person, you have complete control over the design of your own environment.

Set-up for Privacy

●  Minimize interruptions by alerting other household members or business associates of your need for a specific time of uninterrupted quiet and privacy.

●  If you have call waiting, check with your phone service provider for the code to deactivate this feature for the duration of your session.

●  Placing a "Do Not Disturb" sign on your outer door may detour survey takers, sales people or other unexpected visitors.

●  If privacy is a problem, some creative alternatives might include using your portable phone outside or in another area of the home of your place of business. 

●  A cellular phone could be used while leaning back in the seat of your parked car, lounging on the beach, or visiting a park.

NOTE: if using a cellular phone make certain that you are in a strong signal area, and that it is fully charged. In addition, use a hands-free wireless or wired headset, ear piece or the speaker phone feature.

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What kind of phone should you  use?

If using a landline, I recommend using a headset or speaker phone feature, if possible. Most wired phones today come equipped with a jack for plugging in a headset.

If you do not have a headset and would like to purchase one, generally a good quality one can be purchased for around $30-$40 from any electronics store such as Radio Shack, Best Buy or electronic departments in major retail stores.

Another possibility is using a speaker phone. If none of these options work for you, consider relaxing on your bed, couch, recliner, or other comfortable chair and using pillows to create a support for your phone receiver.

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Why hands-free?

There are three main reasons for having your hands free. One is simple comfort. Another is so that you can comfortably take notes when appropriate or desired.

In addition, if you are doing any visualization type exercises such as goal setting, by having your hands free, you can be much more relaxed and effectively engaged in the process of internal focusing.

Other processes such as anchoring and tapping may require both hands free.

Some of the applications we may use could include altered states of consciousness work.

This is simply a matter of closing your eyes, leaning back, and going within where you will be guided into opening that channel of communication with your own unconscious or subconscious mind.

The value of this kind of work is that imagination is the tool for communicating, reprogramming, editing, and releasing old unconscious behaviours, old blocks, old out-dated negative or limiting beliefs, and unwanted attitudes that are stuck at the deeper level. While in this powerful meditative state, physical comfort with the hands free promotes a more successful outcome.

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Sit up or lie down?

Deciding whether to sit or lie down depends on a couple of factors. A recliner is ideal; however, stretching out on a bed, couch, floor, mat, or the beach in comfortable weather, is quite acceptable.

On the other hand, if you are very tired and have a tendency to drop off to sleep, it may be better to sit in a comfortable chair where you can just lean back.

If you decide to sit, a reclining chair can provide the most comfort. If you sit erect, it is important that your spine is straight and your head is balanced over your body.

Otherwise, arrange pillows or other support for your head and neck if you decide to lean back in a chair or on a couch.

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Have handy...

●  Paper and a pen for notes or other assignments.

●  A glass of water. If we are the least bit dehydrated--and often we are unaware of it--we can enter a state of what I call, "Polarity Reversal."

Polarity Reversal (PR) is when...
(also known as Psychological Reversal)  

●  Our coordination may be off or we may feel awkward
We might be stumbling about or our timing is off
Confusion prevails
●  We tend to drop things
●  We become forgetful
●  We lose things
●  We feel anxious or restless
●  We are talking non-stop as a way to avoid dealing with an issue
●  We feel irritable or grumpy
●  When taking notes, some of our letters or numbers may be reversed
●  Medications may not work
●  Nothing seems to be working including Life Coaching & Alternative/Holistic Counselling!

When this condition occurs, take a deep breath, and then take a drink of water! 

NOTE: Other liquid beverages will not bring about the same result of putting you back into balance.

We may find ourselves in and out of this state much of the time. Some things that will put us into the "Polarity Reversal" state are, for example, a co-worker tells us in a rather ominous tone of voice that the boss wants to see us, or someone gives us a hard time, or we are remembering an unpleasant event, and so on. 

There are many simple ways to get back into balance. One, of course, is taking that drink of water.

Another more spontaneous way is when someone gives us a "warm fuzzy" or compliment, or when we put ourselves in a good mood by doing or thinking of something pleasant or fun. A warm hug from someone special works too!

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Creating Your Personal Environment

●  If you decide to do your phone work indoors, avoid lighting that might glare in your eyes. Some clients like to burn candles or dim the lights.

●  Check to see if the air temperature is comfortable. Adjust it, if needed.

●  If you enjoy burning incense, or scented candles, then do so. Some clients find the sound of a circulating water fountain to be soothing.

●  Playing soft music or environmental ocean or country sounds in the background is another idea.

By taking the time to create your own sacred space during each call, you will begin to associate it with achieving profound and exciting results.

Use your imagination to create or find an environment that feels good, and contributes the most to your personal success.


How Non-Verbal Communication Works with Phone Sessions

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According to the National Institute of Mental Health, psychotherapy only has a 20% success rate.

I have a 97% success rate, and over 37 years experience.

I honor and respect your race, religion, culture, and way of life including senior citizens and those with disabilities.

I also welcome adults in consensual, sane and safe, alternative sexual and other creative lifestyle choices.



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