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Healing the Inner Children with the "Thankfulness Technique"

You are familiar with the idea of healing the child within, but which one? Will you heal the child that is four years old or will you heal the child that is one year old?

Many things happened to you while you were growing up. These events have shaped your life, some for the worse, some for the better.

The way you look at things will determine what you will be able to accomplish, how you will feel, what kind of life you will have. In every event of any person's life are the seeds of success.

What if there was a way you could begin to discover and use the seeds of success in each experience in your life, to heal your inner children and empower your life? Would you be interested?

There are many ways I have used successfully with others, and now you will have one of those ways that you can use for yourself. This unique tool is simple yet very effective.


The purpose of the "Thankfulness Technique" is to have you look at what has happened with new eyes, deciding new decisions, realizing new resources.

Start with some minor event, one which was just a little bit upsetting or unsatisfactory. You will want to master this skill on easy ground before you move up the scale of emotional intensity.

Think of this mildly upsetting experience. Ask yourself, "What do I have to be thankful for in that situation?" You may find that you don't get an answer immediately. If you continue to look, though, you will discover something.

Then ask yourself, "Why am I thankful about that? How does this make me feel?"

Once you have done this, do the sequence again. Find something else to be thankful for in that event. Then do this for a third thing, then a fourth and a fifth. Find these, no matter how outrageous they may seem.

After you have found at least five things to be thankful for, think of the event again and notice how different it is for you. Sometimes, you will have to find more than five things to totally change an event. Unusually five will be more than enough.

Now that you have allowed yourself to be thankful for this event, you will soon realize how this change positively empowers your future.

Technique developed by René Pfalzgraf. (1991, Summer). Meditation, p.13

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According to the National Institute of Mental Health, psychotherapy only has a 20% success rate.

I have a 97% success rate, and over 37 years experience.

I honor and respect your race, religion, culture, and way of life including senior citizens and those with disabilities.

I also welcome adults in consensual, sane and safe, alternative sexual and other creative lifestyle choices.



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If you encounter any difficulty while attempting to use the technique, "Healing the Inner Children," and you wish to have some additional guidance, please contact me via email, Dianne Ruth, PhD, or call me directly at (619) 961-7500.