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Using Signals to "Talk" with the Unconscious Mind

Ideomotor Signaling

Ideomotor signaling is when a deeper level of the unconscious mind "signals" to the conscious mind its understanding of a question using any one of a variety of agreed upon responses. I call this part of the unconscious mind the body wisdom.

This is the part that "knows" more than we do. Does the conscious part of you, know how to heal a cut ... keep your heart beating ... or know what food is good for your personal body health ... or what vitamins your body needs ... among thousands of other things?

Sometimes it is useful to access this deeper part of ourselves to learn more about our inner knowledge on some topic or issue, or to negotiate with it to protect us or take better care of us.

There are several ways to open up this channel of communication. One is through finger movements. Signals are generally set up to indicate "yes" and "no" answers and sometimes "I’m not ready to know the answer consciously yet," response.

These replies may be established consciously by the client and Life Coach & Alternative/Holistic Counselor, or they may be chosen by the client’s unconscious mind. This depends on the work in progress along with the client’s preferences.

PendulumUsing a pendulum over the body or held over a chart is another way to get internal answers. The pendulum has been around for centuries and is used in divination, dowsing, chakra testing, and clearing as well as using it as a simple form of communication with the unconscious mind. Once again, signals are set up to indicate appropriate responses.

The Cameron Aurameter is a wand-like tool that utilizes our inner knowledge to provide us with muchAurameter sought after knowledge. The Aurameter can be used for detecting subtle energies coursing through your body, which will hopefully make contact with the object of your search, through the medium of known laws of sympathetic attraction.

Some uses of the Cameron Aurameter include measuring the depth of auras and indicating the presence of unseen blocked energy. It can be used for dowsing for everything from water to oil, to finding missing persons or objects.

The present prototype (1952) was developed based on Verne Cameron’s invention in 1930.

Muscle TestingThen there is Applied Kinesiology, which became known as a result of the work of John Thie, DC through his Touch for Health training. This is an easy method of testing muscle strength.

This procedure is based on the theory that if you are using or doing something that is good for you; your muscles will be stronger. Alternately, if you are using or doing something that is bad for you, your muscles will be weaker. Your muscles operate as your own biofeedback equipment.

There is a belief among many users of this system that the innate intelligence that runs the body is connected to universal intelligence that runs the world, and that each person is plugged into the universal intelligence through the nervous system.

All of the above described ideomotor signaling responses come directly from the deeper part of the unconscious mind.

There are spontaneous and involuntary reactions. Often forgotten memories, or even memories that have never been conscious such as pre-birth memories, can be retrieved.


There are seven keys or seven factors involved in causing any set of symptoms, according to David Cheek, MD, the first person to bring medical hypnosis to the medical community, and developer of the use of ideomotor signaling.

Through using a pendulum or other ideomotor signaling response, along with a specific list of questions, it is possible to identify the cause or causes for any particular problem by working through all seven keys.

This involves setting up a means of rapid and direct communication with the unconscious part of the mind. In response it replies to questions by means of unconsciously controlled signals.

The keys are motivation, self-punishment (formerly called masochism), identification, imprinting, conflict, body part language (formerly called organ language), and past experiences. Once the relevant keys have been pinpointed, it is then a simple matter of using the ideomotor signaling system to achieve a quick release of the problem that has been blocked and causing distress.

Six-Step Reframe

When there is a major inner conflict or a resistance to internal agreement, then the Six-Step Reframe is a valuable option. It is performed with guided imagery while enjoying a relaxed state of body and mind.

This state encourages the opening of that channel of communication with your unconscious mind, which is established through ideomotor signaling.

Ideomotor signaling is any spontaneous mental picture, involuntary sound or physical movement such as a muscle twitching, a sudden change in breathing, a feeling of unexpected tension somewhere in the body, etc. This is produced by the unconscious part of the mind as a way of establishing "yes" and "no" signals.

The unconscious part of you that is creating opposition is assumed to have a positive intention for your welfare. By separating the behavior from the intention, you are then able to direct the part that has been causing an unwanted reaction to go to the creative part–the part of you that does creative problem solving–and explain, at the unconscious level what it is trying to do FOR you.

The creative part then generates a zillion ways to get thatGroup of People outcome; several ways are then chosen by the unconscious part that are superior to what it had been doing and ways that are agreeable to all parts of you.

This technique was developed by Richard Bandler, PhD and John Grinder, PhD, co-developers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

One-Step Reframe

I sometimes playfully refer to this technique as "Give it the Finger." This surprising little self-help mini-exercise will help you to negotiate, within yourself, a change of attitude or behavior.

It is a condensed version of the Six-Step Reframe and created by Renée Pfalzgraf, an NLP pioneer and Master Ericksonian Hypnotherapist. It will resolve inner conflicts between what you want consciously and what your unconscious mind is compelling you to do.

This technique recognizes that the unconscious part of ourselves that is causing the unwanted action or reaction has a positive intention on our behalf such as some form of protection or care–even if we don’t like the way it is going about it.

The outcome is accomplished by holding your index or pointer finger, or any other finger, or even your arm, in an elevated position while repeating a specific phrase aloud to yourself.

In only a matter of minutes, or less, the desired change takes place at the unconscious level of your mind, allowing your finger to come back down. You can now go about your daily tasks with the complete support of this inner part of your mind.

Instructions for this simple process can be found on this website by clicking or tapping on the following link: One-Step Reframe.

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According to the National Institute of Mental Health, psychotherapy only has a 20% success rate.

I have a 97% success rate, and over 37 years experience.

I honor and respect your race, religion, culture, and way of life including senior citizens and those with disabilities.

I also welcome adults in consensual, sane and safe, alternative sexual and other creative lifestyle choices.



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