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SWISH TECHNIQUE: For the Relief of Performance Anxiety

This "Swish Technique" is for the relief of performance anxiety."

It can help you excel in all types of test situations such as exams.

It can help with public speaking, sports performance, and can even help you cope with phobias and some fears such as fear of driving on a freeway.

This is one of the most powerful "quick-fix" methods available for these types of issues.

The Moment of Anxiety

Sit or lean back and recline comfortably with your eyes closed. Steady your breathing and relax your body as much as you can for a few moments.

Now create, in your mind's eye, an associated image of yourself, looking out of your own eyes, just at the moment of having to deal with the anxiety-causing situation.

It must be a still picture, and as vivid and sharp as you can make it, filling your whole field of vision, the colors bright and alive, with you looking and feeling just as uncomfortable as you can possibly imagine.

Make the picture big and include anything that will make it more lifelike such as other people around you, their expressions, the scenery, sounds, smell, touch, etc.—anything.

When you have that picture vivid enough that it actually makes you squirm, then you've got it right. We will call that picture the "moment of anxiety." Giving it a name makes it easy for you to recall later on, but for now, just put it to one side.

Moment of Achievement

Now for something more comfortable. This time you are going to create an image of yourself just at the moment when you have SUCCESSFULLY dealt with the problem. This view is disassociated, meaning you see yourself in the picture. Again make it as vivid as is humanly possible and do the same "tricks" as before to make it truly lifelike.

We will call this one the "moment of achievement." In it, you should be looking absolutely as if you truly have just been incredibly successful with the specific situation.

When you get it right, when it makes you feel good, allow yourself to enjoy it for a moment, then imagine it shrinking, becoming smaller and smaller, with the colors becoming less and less pronounced, until you are left with a small black-and-white picture the size of a postage stamp. Then put it to one side, just as you did the first one.

Step 1. Pick up the "moment of anxiety" picture, and make sure it fills your entire field of vision, just as sharp and lifelike, just as "squirm-making" as it was before, but with an important addition.

The small, black-and-white "moment of achievement" picture is tucked into the bottom right-hand corner of your "moment of anxiety" picture.

Step 2. When you have that image clearly in your mind, just say to yourself:

"One - two - three... S-W-I-S-H," at the same time exchanging the pictures in your mind so that the "moment of achievement" becomes the large color picture and the "moment of anxiety" shrinks to the size of a postage stamp tucked into the bottom right-hand corner, becoming black-and-white as it does so.

Step 3. Enjoy it for a few moments then let your mind drift to some neutral place. This can be anywhere you like—a room in your house, the park, a deserted beach, anywhere, as long as it's a place where you are comfortable and at ease. It's very important that you perform this switch to a neutral place each time.

Now start again with step one and continue to repeat the sequence while gradually increasing the speed. After a while, you will find that the pictures exchange so easily and so rapidly that you scarcely have any time to see the "moment of anxiety" before it is replaced with the "moment of achievement."


Starting all over with the "anxiety" picture big and bright: One - two - three... S-W-I-S-H... exchange pictures with the "achievement" one getting big and bright and the "anxiety" one shrinking way down (to a small black and white picture in the corner). Enjoy the "(moment of) achievement" picture for a few moments... then let your mind drift to your neutral place.... [pause]

[NOTE: The copy in parenthesis in green above may be dropped as you speed up the process.]

Repeat in sets of five times in a row, opening your eyes and checking your progress in between sets, until the pictures change instantly right from the start, or you find that you simply cannot produce the "moment of anxiety" picture at all.

Then when that happens, you have programmed yourself for success, rather than failure. You will find that when you actually get to the event you have been working on, you will feel confident and easy, and able to do your best as a result.

NOTE: If you have someone read the instructions to you, it may be easier for you to do the process in the beginning. After a few rounds, you might be delightfully surprised how easy it is for you to do it on your own from then on.

Here is an example using driving test fear. The "moment of anxiety" could be sitting in the car, looking and feeling very anxious and nervous, perhaps having trouble with the seat belt and the examiner looking stern.

The "moment of achievement" could be seeing yourself in a large colorful picture with a big smile on your face, receiving congratulations from the examiner and experiencing a feeling of excitement and jubilation. Maybe even a congratulatory "thumbs up" from a friend.

The neutral place could be simply relaxing in front of the television.

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According to the National Institute of Mental Health, psychotherapy only has a 20% success rate.

I have a 97% success rate, and over 37 years experience.

I honor and respect your race, religion, culture, and way of life including senior citizens and those with disabilities.

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