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Personal History

A Brief
Autobiographical Sketch of
My Life Experiences

By Dianne Ruth, PhD


I was born and raised in Michigan. My birthday is on April 28. While still quite young, at age four, I was adopted. I grew up outside a small resort town called Lake Orion (pronounced by the locals as O-re-en). It was about 40 miles north of Detroit, Michigan. I was brought up as an only child.

Throughout my childhood, I learned to play the piano and flute. I had lessons in tap dancing, modern dancing, ballet and ballroom dancing. I was also trained in how to be a child model. Horseback riding lessons were included in my busy schedule as well.

Surrounded by private lakes and wild game preserves, I evolved self-reliance and a sensitivity to my environment. This set the stage for my love of witnessing the natural balance of ecology as it exists on the planet. My foremost companions were my horses, dogs, cats, and other small creatures.

Often alone, my activities frequently consisted of wildlife and nature studies, exploring the countryside, camping, and water sports. In summer, I loved playing golf, tennis, badminton, field hockey, roller skating, boating, sailing, swimming and horseback riding.

Winter offered extra time for avid reading and hours spent drawing. I especially liked ice skating, sledding, tobogganing and building igloos as a youngster.

Despite shyness and a secluded childhood, I developed a sincere interest in people.

As a young adult...

During my mid-teens, I left home to establish my independence. Because my business skills and work experience were limited at that age, I supported myself with a variety of odd jobs over the next few years.

Some of my work experiences during that time consisted of mothers’ helper (currently referred to as a nanny), housekeeper, stable hand, table server, car hop, short-order cook, auto paint masker, and working in a bakery plus a cleaners. Additionally, I worked as a retail salesclerk, phone solicitor (now called phone marketer), receptionist, elevator operator (when they still had them--operators, that is), and general office clerk.

Field work consisted of selling institutional janitorial supplies, art courses, residential remodeling, and printing. My employment history later included training in career counseling and sales training by the famous Zig Ziglar. Wanting better opportunities in the job market, I taught myself to type.

I traveled around the country, living in different cities and states for a few years. These included Philadelphia, Greenwich Village in New York City, Indianapolis, Gary, Indiana, then on to Chicago.

Continuing my vagabond existence, I returned to Detroit for a time. I eventually left again and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona.

In 1970 I landed in Denver. From there I went to Fort Worth/Dallas, and on to San Diego. With poor economy and no jobs at the time, I relocated first to Anaheim, Ontario, then Los Angeles  in 1971 where I spent the next 23 years.

Working in Los Angeles...

While in Los Angeles, I continued to refine my creativity and working skills until, over nearly a 20-year period, I made my mark in the graphic communications industry. I was an artist and art director. I  designed continuous forms, advertising and marketing layouts, copywriting and copy editing for books and other publications. I was also named as among the top ten graphic designers in the country by Advertising Age.

I became a  journeyman typographer, cameraman, film stripper, and plate maker. I also did back up in a large variety of bindery tasks.

In addition, I became highly knowledgeable in publishing, business sales promotion, marketing, merchandising, advertising, public relations and publicity.

Other skills I developed over time included jewelry design, casting, fabrication, and jewelry appraisals. In addition, I did cost estimates and sales in home remodeling and room additions.

Extracurricular activities involved appointments and elections to governing posts in several nationally recognized business, professional, and community organizations. I was on the board of directors for Los Angeles Advertising Women.

In 1975, I  joined the American Red Cross as a volunteer. I earned certification in twenty-four courses in Safety Services and Disaster Preparedness, and several in Instructor's Training. I helped write a manual for training trainers. I was also on the ARC Board of Directors as a medical advisor.

In the mid-‘70s, I received extensive supervision and hands-on experience in crisis counseling and casework for disaster victims. This was the beginning of my counseling career.

My years of living in anxiety hell...

During the late 1970s I developed a severe anxiety disorder that lasted 7 years. It began with the onset of freeway phobia. It then escalated into generalized anxiety where I was continuously bombarded with waves of unidentified fear.

From there it descended into an intense and debilitating state of panic where I constantly lived in fear of having another panic attack. Ultimately, I became nearly housebound with not wanting to go out alone and then only under certain conditions.

I was desperate to find relief from the emotional insanity I was struggling with. At this time, anxiety had not been defined with a medical classification. No matter how many different doctors I saw, none of them were able to help me.

Fortunately, I began to come across some emerging fields of study and clinical experimentation that included using alternative approaches to healing anxiety and other related problems.

As a result of following up with these new avenues of therapy, I not only healed myself, I became an expert on the hundreds of causes for the many forms of anxiety and their cures. I learned how to help myself so now I can help you to recover forever! You can read more of my story here.

Returning to college...

During this time, I, became certified as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-1A). I worked with paramedic teams and in hospital emergency rooms weekends.

This interest led to professional training and licensing in a medical model of massage therapy.
The result was an eight-year interim career with a thriving private practice that catered to the rich and famous.

Dianne Ruth as a studentWhile engaging in work related to the physical and mental health care field, I attended college full-time. My initial academic goal and training involved pre-med with a view toward becoming a chiropractic physician. Later, however, I elected to follow a more comprehensive program, and proceeded to earn my Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical and Counseling Psychology degree.

NOTE: The period above predated the beginning of the computer revolution in the home and in most businesses!

Continuing my education...

I proceeded to finish my education in psychology. Between 1987 and 1990, I became a California State registered psychological assistant. While fulfilling my 3,000 hours of  supervised clinical experience, I built a successful psychotherapy practice in a psychiatric clinic.

After completing my supervised experience, I chose to discontinue the practice of psychology to concentrate on further developing my skills with clinical and medical hypnotherapy. During this period, I also sought advanced training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. In addition, I studied and mastered several energy systems including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

My desire was to teach clients who were emotionally, psychologically, and mentally healthy how to achieve and enjoy more personal growth, greater inner peace and  prosperity. In addition, I wanted to offer my experiences with healing anxiety to others who suffered from this affliction.

Another move...

In 1994, after 23 years in California, I made the decision to relocate back to the Denver metro area. I had been a victim of the 1994 Northridge earthquake and decided to return to Denver where the ground did not shake! 

I enrolled and graduated from the Institute for Life Coach Training. I had been told that "therapists make the best coaches."  My goal was to learn how to use some of the communication techniques I had already mastered and add a solid knowledge base of training in leading edge coaching skills.

While enjoying my 10 years of Colorado living, I continued to pursue more highly specialized techniques and training in the art of communication mastery. Then I opted to return to the west coast where my heart resonates to the sounds of the surf. I also wished to be closer to my family.

Returning to the home of my heart...

This final move back to San Diego in 2004 was made to fulfill my progressive visions of establishing and building The Healing Tree, An Alternative Counseling Practice specializing in Personal Growth combined with Dynamic Resources International™, Anxiety Care from the Doctor Who's Been There, and The Money Clinic™, How to Reconnect With Your Divine Birthright and Have Balance and Abundance in Mind and Body Health, Wealth, Prosperity and Spirituality.

My interests today...

Now, I devote most of my time to my clients, building my business in offering phone hypnosis, writing, and working on my websites. In addition, I am continuing my education through study, training seminars, workshops and other learning opportunities.

In my spare time, I love exploring the mountains and countryside and all kinds of travel. I have continued my passion for reading, mostly on an eReader now. My interests range from popular novels, metaphysics, historical fiction, science fantasy and educational books.

In addition, I have been having fun learning digital photography. Beginner's luck has brought me a few notable awards from the Denver Photographic Society for some of my work.

Going to funky restaurants with gourmet food, coffee houses with live music, playing Scrabble, social events, networking, and doing volunteer work, are other pastimes I really enjoy.

I am recently retired from the San Diego Police Department as a volunteer member of the Crisis Intervention Team.

Currently, I am an active volunteer with my local Neighborhood Watch Program. I am available for stress management presentations and training for learning how to effectively and appropriately respond during potentially life-threatening situations. Examples could include: house fire, burglary in progress, injured child or other, attack by a mugger or rapist.


These earlier life experiences, along with lots of education and training, have served as valuable assets. They have helped me to more successfully understand and respond to your personal needs.

As a result, I am dedicated to helping you to more effectively balance your energies. My aim is for you to awaken your own personal  excellence, and to discover your strengths, passions, life purpose and dreams in life.

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According to the National Institute of Mental Health, psychotherapy only has a 20% success rate.

I have a 97% success rate, and over 37 years experience.

I honor and respect your race, religion, culture, and way of life including senior citizens and those with disabilities.

I also welcome adults in consensual, sane and safe, alternative sexual and other creative lifestyle choices.



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I am dedicated to helping youButterfly uncover a sense of accomplishment, self-discovery, and personal excellence. To accomplish this, I use gentle  compassion, creativity, innovation, awareness, and understanding."