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6 Simple Ways to Take Charge of Your Brain Using the Power of Words

By Dianne Ruth, PhD

Your brain is like a horse and rider. You are the rider and the horse is your brain. As the rider, you are supposed to be in charge of your horse/brain. When your brain is in charge, your horse is riding you.

Whenever you attempt to do something, and it fails, you know it's your brain that was in charge, not you. The following tips can help you to take charge of your brain.

1. The words "quit" and "stop" bring about opposite behaviors. Ever told yourself that you were going to quit (smoking, drinking, nail biting, swearing, etc.)? Perhaps it worked for awhile, and then you started up again.

Tell yourself, "I am going to  STOP doing (fill in the blank)," and you will stop. The word "stop" implies making a commitment.

2. The word "lose" is another word to watch out for. How about the person who wants to lose weight, and then finds it again? Social influences teach us that if we lose something, we need to find it!

3. The word "try" implies failure 50 percent of the time. Often we use the word "try" when we really don't want to do something.

For instance, "I'll try to make the luncheon next week," suggests that there is a good chance that you probably won't get there.

Of course, if you really want to go, you can happily exclaim, "I'll definitely BE there. See you then."

4. The little word "but" has a lot of clout. It can wipe our whole sentences all by itself.

If you respond to someone with, I'd like to meet up with you, BUT I can't, I have too much to do." You have literally cancelled out the first part of your sentence in their mind with the "but" word.

What the other person hears and remembers is, "I can't," which often can feel like a rejection to them, like they are not important to you.

Instead, think about responding with, "I'd really like to meet with you; can I take a rain check on it though? I have lots to do today."

5. Your brain likes "choices" instead of untruths. It is no different from you. It doesn't like to be told something that is false.

When you are feeling nervous, try stating to yourself, "I am calm and relaxed." The inner mind rears up with that old childhood chant, "Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, that's what you think"!

Inform yourself instead, "I CHOOSE to be calm and relaxed no matter what." Notice how much more confident and uplifted you feel when you offer a choice to yourself.

6. The brain has no image for negative words such as "no," "don't," "can't," "won't, "not," and so on. The brain processes "things" as images. Think of a car... and your brain produces a picture of a car instead of the word c-a-r spelled out.

Now don't think of a pink elephant. What's this? Your brain created an image of a pink elephant! But wait, you told it not to....

Consider this example, "I don't want to forget to stop by the store today." Of course, you arrive home having completely forgotten to stop by the store!

Your brain heard, "I want to forget to stop by the store today." Most of the time your brain will completely zone what you had planned on doing.

Instead tell yourself, "I want to REMEMBER to stop by the store today," and you will be way more likely to recall your intention.

TIP: When you want to successfully remember something, have your brain picture yourself doing it. In fact, the more bizarre, outrageous and creative your picture, the more likely you are to remember it, imagine a cartoon of a rider carrying his horse!

Dianne Ruth, PhD
Doctor of Clinical & Counseling Psychology
Anxiety/Depression Care Coach & Alternative/Holistic Counselor BY PHONE

About the Author

Board Certified Expert in Advanced Hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Master Level Board Certified Communicator with Internationally Recognized Credentials; Dianne Ruth, PhD can legitimately boast a 97% Success Rate.

She has coached thousands of clients over the past 37+ years enriching the success of both multi-millionaires and financially strapped students as well.

Dr. Ruth specializes in short-term, drug-free anxiety and related depression recovery. She does this with international, national and local clients by phone with overwhelming success.

For inquires and a Free Personal and Confidential Consultation, no strings, no obligation, no commitment, call Dr. Dianne Ruth at (619) 961-7500.

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